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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Decent results for the month

I finished July up about 10k from poker. I played a ton though (80k hands) and fought my way through a big slightly losing/ breakeven stretch at the beginning of the month. I'm proud of the comeback I made in the past week and a half.

This marks the fourth consecutive month in which I've booked a five figure profit. I'll be moving up to $2/4 NL 6 Max probably sometime in the middle of August, as I have a sufficient roll on FTP now and just need to build up my Stars account some.

Off to the State Sporting Clays shoot tomorrow, so I'm going to get some sleep.

Treaded water today...

Just had a semi-long 2,300 break even session on FTP. I was down three buyins for the longest time but ended up making a comeback over the last hour and a half of the session. I spewed a bit in a few medium, 3-bet pots which cost me probably around a buyin but other than that I played OK. It was just one of those days where my big hands rarely got paid and it seemed like when I got it in it never seemed to hold.

I probably got sucked out by medium stacked players (25-50 bb stacks) probably at least a half dozen times... it was pretty annoying. I got felted twice, once just losing a flip pre-flop vs a reg with AKsooooted vs his QQ. The other time I flopped top set JJ on a Js 3s 6c board and c-bet pretty big, but the villain CRAI on a 7d turn and I obviously had to call and he had 54 for the open ended straight draw on the flop which hit on the turn... oh well.

One day left in the month and it's gonna be really close to see if I can have another 5 figure month or not... I'm teetering on around 9k or so for the month now (including rakeback)

I'm going to shoot the North Dakota State Sporting Clays Championship this weekend in Bismarck so hopefully I can crush some clays and do well there. I'll probably bring my laptop on the trip because normally there is a bit of down time at night. I'll also probably be able to play in the car if I want to as well, as I have that Verizon internet card.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Solid win

Played 2,000 hands today on FTP and finished up $1.1k. I played pretty well for the most part and ran into some crazy hands during the first 50 minutes of my session when I was playing HU. I won't spoil the hands, since I recorded my HU session and we're going to watch it for this week's Destined2pwn meeting.

I'll post a few hands from my 6 Max play though.

This hand is just an "lol" hand... of course I end up losing. Standard.


This hand was dumb... I'm like, "I know what you have I bet I have top pair you fold your underpair!" But villain couldn't lay it down... it's ok though cuz now I know how she plays and every time I play against him I'm going to value bet the living daylight out of her. At least she thought about it for a while on the river, time banked it down nearly to zero but couldn't find the fold button.


This is one of my biggest winning hands vs. a regular. I have no clue wtf he is doing on the turn as he turns his hand into a bluff... his play makes no sense whatsoever.


This hand worked out pretty well, I played it a little differently than I normally might but the way I played it here allowed him to eventually catch something he liked.


That's it for now, hopefully I can continue to finish the month strong.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ran like shit but still finished up somehow

Well first off I'll state that I'm not going to be playing any more MTT's anytime soon. I'm done with them. I played the Sunday Warmup $1 million guaranteed on Stars today... it was a $215 buyin but I re-bought once so I spent a total of $415 on it and busted out within an hour and a half.
I started out great, smoked the same guy twice for stacks as I hit two sets against him. Then I decided it would be a good idea to 3-bet some loose aggro player's CO raise when I was in the BB with K8sooted... B A D I D E A !!!! he called my 3-bet and jammed over my c-bet on a QXX board... gg big stack there went half my chips. Then I lost a flip 77 vs AK to give me no chips left, so I re bought into the tourney (normally there are no rebuys in this one but due to the PokerStars 2x promotion they were allowing one rebuy for this one for some reason.)

About my 5th hand with my new stack I get switched to a new table and get dealt KK. I raise to 2.5xs from MP the button calls me and has me covered. Flop: K T X rainbow I check and he puts me all in, I snapcall. He has 9T for second pair and hits a runner runner one card straight. And I'm out quicker than you can say LOLdonkaments.

So yea, no more MTTs.

Cash was retarded today. I got sucked out on/ coolered so many times it was sick. I finished up $400 though. Had I had average luck in all ins I would have been up $1,400 but yea I permanently run like total dog shit. I even got felted twice by a 95/46, LOL. Once AIPF with JJ vs his AQ. Then again on the flop where I had two pair but he had a better two pair and we shipped it in on flop.

I'm not gonna post any hands from today, if I do I'll probably vomit all over my keyboard.

Here's the EV chart though... I wonder how much I would have made this month had I run decent....

I think I chipped a tooth earlier as well from doing something like the picture below after getting smoked by a two outer on the river...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another great day!

I played for a loooong time today, played over 6k hands on Stars. I finished up about $2,300 which I'm extremely proud of. Most of that was at $1/2 NL max and I won a buyin at $2/4 NL 6 max.

I had periods where I was 8 tabling and then other periods of time where I was just 3 or 4 tabling... I'm beginning to see that I can win at a small winrate with 8 and absolutely crush just 3 or 4 tabling... it's pretty sick actually how bad I kill when I'm only 3 or 4 tabling.

I think this is mainly because I can just do way more moves... for example I can do a bunch of check-raise bluffs to set people up for later.. even if they fold it's still great cuz I'll get paid next time... here is an example of that, I guess the guy just snapped and figured he's had enough, lol.


This was my biggest winning hand of the session, look how I eased the money in just perfectly so he couldn't really fold at any point in the hand.


This hand really sucked... the guy who turbo min-raised me on the flop was like limp calling a raise and 3-bet with any two cards... later on in the session he CALLED all in with 6 high to finish off the rest of his chips L O L. Villain is 76/4 AF 1.0 over 45 hands, raise c-bet 20%


This was a hand vs. a solid reg... I did not feel good about CRAI on the turn but that was my plan so I stuck to it... Looking back on it now I don't really beat a whole lot since all the straight draws got there, I wonder if I'll ever be able to fold a set like this... I don't really even know if I should ever be looking to fold this though. Villain is 20/17 AF 6.2 over 666 hands.


This hand sucked as well, don't know if I can ever get away from this... Villain is 57/23 AF 1.7 over 180 hands


That's all the hands for now. In total I got felted for $200 or more 9 times (which is way too many times IMO, I'm really gonna work on lowering the times that happens tomorrow). I felted someone else for $200 or more 18 times. Perhaps this is a bit of give and take and I'm felting more people due to a really aggro image, but I think I'm still stacking off a bit too light in certain spots. At the beginning of the month I was stacking of light pre-flop, but now I think it seems like I'm stacking off light on the flop. I got felted twice with TPTK AJ on a JXX board when I really didn't have to.

I'm probably going to play the Sunday Million tomorrow, along with some million dollar FPP turbo tourney on Stars. Hopefully I can get deep in either tourney.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lost a $1,700 pot, but still had a great day

I finished up about $2,000 today on FTP. I played a range of limits due to chasing huge fish around all night. I started out playing $1/2 NL 6 max and played some $2/4, $3/6, and $5/10 NL 6 max as well. It was a crazy night... lol. I even saw one of the donks I was chasing go from raking in a $2.5k pot at $10/20 NL 6 max to leaving that table with $3k to sit down and start playing $0.25/ $0.50 NL 6 max and a $109 SNG!!! LOL

My donk hunting ended however, when the primary fish I was hunting went and sat down at three tables of $15/30 Limit holdem... I won't play that, lol, so he is safe for now.

I'm pretty proud of the way I played overall. I made a few mistakes but that's expected when you play 5,500 hands in one day.

I lost a huge pot at $3/6 NL (rigged obv). Here it is, it was against someone who appeared to be a regular. I think I played the hand fine, except I should have raised a bit more on the flop and maybe bet a little more on the turn. But either way, I got most of the money in good and was a 70% favorite on the turn.


Here was an annoying hand against the primary donk I was chasing around. I didn't bet the flop cuz he was calling 3-bets pre-flop with any two cards so that board could have easily hit him in the face. Plus I didn't know what he could have that would c/c that I was ahead of in order to value town him. Worst card in the deck rolls off obviously on the turn but I decided to peel one... and he FIRES H U G E on the river and I'm forced to fold the best hand... Villain was 46/29 AF 1.9 over 1.6k hands... turn AF of 1.6 and river AF of 1.8.


This is a winning hand against the same donkey. It's pretty humorous, as I rake in a huge pot with Ace hi... not sure wtf he was thinking calling the flop or the turn, but whatever lol.


That's all the hands I'm going to post, I don't feel like sorting through any more... these were the best ones.

One last thing, I'll post my graph for this month up to the end of this session... note right at about 50k hands is when I spent a whole day working on my game and reviewing a bunch of hands with my poker friends... looks like it was quite effective.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally even in cash games for the month!

I've finally recovered from all the losing sessions I had at the beginning of the month. I can't believe it took me so long though, lol (60k hands). I'm now back to even for the month and can start getting in the green. I'm still down a bit from donkaments, around $600-700 but I may play the Sunday Million this weekend so hopefully that will make up for the MTT deficit.

I played two shorter sessions today, with the first leaving me down a buy in... The reason I was down on this session was pretty much all because of this hand. sick life, huh?


However, I played a bit after I got back from watching the new Batman movie. That movie was excellent by the way, probably the best movie I've seen in a few years. I ended up 3 buyins on that session to finish up about $400 for the day, which isn't a bad result considering I only played about three hours.

I'm really proud of this hand I played, I love my line here because I'll do the same exact thing with a large combo draw. I think I played this one perfectly.


That's it for now. I hope to have a monster day tomorrow. I plan on playing a ton of hours, plus Friday nights are when most of the fish are donking around.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another winning session

I played for about five hours today on FTP and did OK.... I ended up $400 on the session. The month seems to be turning around for me now, as I've had four winning sessions in a row now on FTP.

I didn't crush like crazy mainly because I felt I lost a ton of medium pots, most of which I don't think were my fault. For example, value betting TP 2nd best kicker AQ on AXX flushdraw boards for two barrels then having the flush card hit on the river and the donk just insta-open shove on me, lol. Pretty standard spot where the donk just runs ya down with the draw, hits it, and gets no value from it.

Here is that hand if you want to look at the hand history:


I kind of made a stupid river call on this next hand and maybe shouldn't have even value bet as I probably don't get called by worse all that much. Didn't have my HUD for this one but it's really no excuse... I guess he could have had a missed heart draw but my line is pretty strong so he can't be sure I'm gonna fold so if he is going to attempt a bluff it would be really risky. I'm beat by a lot here, KT, T9, any flopped flush, QJ, etc. so I think I should have either check/called the river or bet/folded.


I didn't have my HUD for the first part of the session because I downloaded a new version of Holdem Manager and the HUD was broken on it. After a few emails to Roy at Holdem Manager I got it to work. I was really impressed with their level of customer service. They helped fix my problem very quickly and responded to my email within minutes. I know for a fact that if I had a similar problem with Poker Tracker 3 that it would have taken me days, if not weeks to get a reply and get the problem fixed. Holdem Manager also has a lot better HUD, seemingly more stats, and it's just overall a way better program than PT3 in my opinion.

Lastly, I just want to mention that I thought the Destined2pwn group meeting went well today and John made an excellent video. I'm looking forward to next Wednesday already.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Solid Session

I just played for about 3.5 hrs on FTP at 200NL 6 Max and finished up $700. I played pretty well throughout the session and played only 3-4 tables the whole time.

I think I might be out of my slump now. I spent all day yesterday working on my game without playing a single hand of poker. I think what helped the most was reviewing a bunch of hands, specifically pre-flop situations, with my poker friends.

My friend Adam was able to give me really solid advice and really helped set my head on straight about my pre-flop decisions. After going over those hands, it was obvious to both of us that I was just getting too monkeyish and crazy pre-flop... Mainly, this was just getting too aggressive with hands like AK, AQ, and JJ pre-flop against opponents I should not have been getting this aggro with. Also, I picked some terrible spots to 5-bet jam AK over very strong 4-bets... often times running into pocket Aces. Basically, I just needed to pay attention to the player more and be a bit more cautious.

I definitely followed this advice in the session I just got done playing and it worked great. I had no major pre-flop errors and just squeezed with air in one or two spots where I shouldn't have (that didn't work out... they 4-bet me and I folded).

Overall I ran pretty good numbers for the session. I was able to play more hands and raise more since I had less tables to focus on and I ran 23/18 AF of 4.8 over 1.3k hands. I had a good steal percentage (36%) and also a great won $ when saw flop stat (44%).

This is already getting kind of long so I'll just include one losing hand and one winning hand.

My only losing hand was really my only big mistake of the session. Although against this villain the river call may have been OK. He was pretty wild and running 67/28 AF of 1.2 over 60 hands. Earlier, he had donked out with J9 on a 9TX board then check/called turn when an 8 fell and shoved a brick duce river.... I felted him with QJ for the nut straight... So he was capable of firing large on the river, with a pretty light hand. However, I think I should have folded because he could easily have hit the flush... he insta called my over pot sized turn bet. I'm not sure if I made the right play on the river, anyone who wants to comment on this hand is welcome to.


The winning hand I will post is against a solid regular. I check-raised large to make it look like I was on a draw, then I guess he was committed on the turn. Maybe a cooler for him, but I don't know if he really should be stacking off here.


Well that's it for now, but I'm really excited for tomorrow because we have our poker group "Destined2pwn" session Wednesday nights. It is going to be a lot of fun, mainly because we picked up two new group members. It will be cool to see how they fit in and contribute. I think both of them are solid players and will have a lot to bring to the table.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ended up even on weekend...

I played a ton of hands this weekend but didn't get anywhere really.

On Friday I played some 400NL 6 max on Stars and won $7.45 after playing nearly 3,000 hands... lol. Saturday I played some 200NL on FTP and was down nearly $1.7k at one point but battled back to finish down only $600. Then on Sunday I played for about 6 hours and won about $700 to put me at even for the weekend.

I think I figured out what my problem is... I'm just getting too aggressive pre-flop against certain players. There are some players who don't like committing all their chips pre-flop unless they have a monster and I was treating that player type the same as an aggressive regular. I was getting AK all in without even thinking about it pre-flop against the passive players and they were showing me AA, KK, etc. I'm going to play 3-4 tables from now on and really pay attention to how people are playing pre-flop. This will help prevent me from stacking off light to the wrong opponents.

This is, I believe, where I have lost most of my buyins this month... my pre-flop game has been extra spewy. Obviously this doesn't mean I'm going to play more passively against the regulars in my games... AK, JJ, and other very good hands normally need to be felted especially in button vs. blind wars.

On a side not, I played the Sunday Million today and got owned... I lost early on, flopped a J hi flush and lost to someone who happened to flop a flush as well... the nut flush. LOLdonkaments.

I'm going to make myself a daily schedule and actually follow it, starting on Monday. I will set out blocks of time for each day where I do various activities such as play poker, watch Cardrunner vids, work out, read poker books, etc. This will help me have more structure and prevent me from having marathon sessions like I normally do. I feel like I need to break up my sessions into approximately 3 hour chunks so I can play more LAG throughout the whole session and not just for the first bit of the session.

When I play for a long time eventually I get worn out and get a bit lazy. I stop raising as much as I should in late position and generally my VPIP and PFR decrease... which sucks because I don't get as much action as I should and it also makes my pre-flop decisions more difficult because it seems that people will only stick it all in pre-flop with monsters against me.

Hopefully these few changes will help me get back into the groove again. It's frustrating just coming off my best month ever, then having a tough time even winning. On the bright side, the month isn't over with yet and I still have a chance to have a winning month. I'm only down about $1.8k from cash and about $700 from donkaments so all I need is a few solid days of winning and I'll be ahead for the month because I've gotten like $2.5k in rakeback this month.

I do have a lesson with Nutedawg tomorrow so hopefully that helps get me back on track.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finally, a winning session...

I played for over 8 hours today on Stars and played 4k hands and finished up $460. This isn't the greatest result ever, but at least I won. Of course, I ran below expectation again by about 2.5 buyins... but that is getting pretty standard nowadays so I can't really complain about that. I should probably just expect to run bad and be happy if I run average or better.

I guess another good thing about the session was that I unlocked a $1,500 bonus that I got from using my FPP points, so that was nice. I'm now up to about $8.5k in my Stars account and still have a ways to go until I reach $20k.

Here are a few hands from the session:

Made a sick fold here, villain was a solid regular. I miniraised it pre-flop because I didn't want to get 3-bet really, didn't want the fish to fold, and I had position. Plus moves like this pre-flop just make me look like a donkey sometimes and I think that kind of baffles/ confuses the regulars. After he jams there is like no other hand I can put him on other than a set of 7's... so that's what I think he has, I fold, and he shows the set of 7's! soul read!


I'm including this one not because it was a bad beat, but for the sheer humor that this dude stuck in the money there with KK... This was a player who actually had decent stats and didn't look like he was totally clueless. I don't know what he was thinking, but I nearly folded my bottom set because of the BB's ridiculously strong checkraise... but I couldn't bring myself to fold so I shipped it in and got it in with the best of it.


This is a hand I won, and I think I played it pretty well. I'm not so sure if I really like my river check, as it allows him to check behind sometimes if he thinks his flush is too small... whereas if I shove he has to call with almost any made hand since his pot odds will be so great, but it worked out anyways I guess. Villain is a pretty solid reg.


That's it for now, gl at the tables.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bad session

I just had a long session on Stars today and played nearly 5k hands... I got into a lot of unfortunate spots and was unable to fold some good but not great hands to large bets or raises... I ended up down 1.2k. I'm not thrilled with my play, however, people seemed to be hitting stuff on me left and right.

A few short examples:

When I had KK I 3-bet squeezed huge from the blinds, flopped an overpair on an 87X flushdraw board and c-bet and got raised... I felted it and sure enough the button (who just flatted the initial raise pre-flop) had a set of 7's... this was for 200bbs.

My open raise gets squeezed by a habitual 3-bettor... I have AQo and 4-bet and he jams I call... but he has AK and I lose.

I 3-bet bluff squeeze Kd5d and flop a K hi flushdraw and a gutterball on a A34 two diamond board... I c-bet and get it in and lose a flip against AK.

Top set TTT on a TXX all heart board in a 3-bet pot... obviously someone c/c my two barrel shove with the flopped nut flush.

Etc, etc, etc.

I also ran a little bit below expectation in all ins. I ran about $400 below expectation.

I was playing too many tables (about 8) because of all the fish that were online tonight. From now on, I'm only going to play no more than four 6 Max tables at once and no more than six full ring tables at once. I really need to focus on the particular situations more because I'm making mistakes that are costing me pots. The money I would gain by playing extra tables isn't the biggest issue for me either. I need to improve my play and the best way to do that is to really focus and try and play perfectly while playing a smaller amount of tables.

I also played the Sunday Million today, which was a ridiculously huge tournament... there were 14,000 people playing it. First place paid out $300,000. I ended up making the money by finishing 715th. I shoved K5s in the small blind when it was folded around to me and the BB woke up with AJo and called and I lost the 40/60 almost flip. Standard. I ended up winning just a bit more than my buyin for the tourney.

I need to kick it into gear, because I'm down about 2k in cash so far this month and down about 1k from donkaments. I think the best way to do this is focus on quality, not quantity.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Long session on AP

For some reason, I felt like playing on Absolute Poker last night... so I did. The bad beat jackpot is pretty big now, something around 600k. I played a ton of hands, and had some huge swings. I played nearly 5k hands and finished up about $250, which doesn't seem that good... but considering I was down nearly $1.2k about 75% of the way through the session I'm happy with the result.

Here is the graph of my session:

I lost some pretty ridiculous hands, and I'll post a few of them here.

This one really sucked, I had the second nuts and we were 200 big blinds deep. Villain was 51/21 AF 5.4 over 40 hands. I don't think I can ever get away from this hand obviously... it's just so unlikely he flopped the nut flush at the same time I flopped the K high flush... he could easily have a lower flush or a set.


This hand blew as well, because once HUSTLNHARDER shoved I knew he had the nutz because he is a really solid player and kinda nitty. But with all that money in there, and the great chance that CM might tag along I actually had odds to call off my last $108 to try and boat up.


This one I may have misplayed... I lost a lot on this one, and in hindsight, warning bells should have went off once CM called my re-raise of the shorty's shove. I don't know if I can check/fold the river or check/call or what. Maybe my play is fine since CM could have something like 99 or TT... I'm not sure about this one, and I think I'll post it on the Cardrunners forums tomorrow. Villain was 21/17 AF 3.5 over 400 hands.


Here is one good hand to finish it off. I think I played this one pretty well... I wasn't really that scared of a full house because he may have just shoved turn with a set. Instead, he just INSTA-called my turn raise, which led me to believe he didn't have a set (probably top pair).


I had a few goals for this month that I had mentally set for myself. I didn't make a post about them, but I'll mention them now. First off, I wanted to move up to $2/4 NL after getting $20k in both my Stars and my Full Tilt accounts. I have accomplished half of that goal so far, as I have over $20k on FTP.

I have a long ways to go on Stars, however, since I've made a bunch of transfers off of there in the past month. I am at only $7.5k on Stars right now, but I have a $1.5k bonus that will clear within a week. So I'm approximately halfway there on Stars... I hope to make it to $20k on there by the end of the month.

That will give me 50 buyins on each major site for $2/4 NL so I should be able to play that limit comfortably and not worry too much if I have decently sized swings. Also, that will give me over 100 buyins total which in my opinion is the bare minimum bankroll for a professional poker player who is playing 6 MAX cash games.

I also set another minor goal for myself. I wanted to have $5k on each of my "fringe" sites (UB, Cake, and AP) before I moved up to $2/4 NL as well. This will give me a decent amount to donk around on those sites at $2/4 NL if I choose to. I have accomplished this goal as of tonight/ early morning. That gives me a total of about 140 buyins once I begin $2/4NL. So for now, I just have to focus on playing and winning on Stars so I can complete my primary goal.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back on track

I played a long session on Stars today, about 3.8k hands total and finished up $1.1k. I played pretty well and I'm happy with the result. Before this session, I was down about $2.3k total in cash games and stuck around $700 from MTTs.

I'm only going to post one hand, because it is late and I'm tired. I went for some pretty thin value on this hand, LOL. I"m not sure what the villain was thinking here... (who was running 25/19 AF 3.9 over 271 hands). I got it all in as a favorite (I was 51.11% to win and he was 46.36% to win.... also a 2.5% chance of a split pot), however, my hand did not hold unfortunately.

Here is the hand:


I think a major reason I won today was that earlier on in the day I got the opportunity to watch my friend Adam play some poker. I sweated him while he was playing on Absolute poker. He plays higher stakes than me and is a really great player. I learned a lot from the lessons I took from him early on in my 6 Max career. I picked up on a lot of things that I need to work on and noticed many things that are incorporated into his game that are missing from mine.

Also, after I watched Adam play, we reviewed a video of myself playing four tables of $1/2 NL 6 Max on Stars. He helped me a lot by pointing out a few of my leaks and making me realize that I need to pay more attention to the player. It was a great learning experience and I hope we are able to do it again soon.

Here is a picture with Adam in it, from my first trip to Vegas this past March. From left to right: Billy, Myself, Adam, and Adam's friend (I think his name was Don, but I can't remember for sure).

So hopefully this trend continues upward so I can have a good last half of the month.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I took a short break from cash games over the past few days and decided to play some Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs). I did this partly because I wasn't running that good in cash games (- $2.4k below expectation in all ins) and because of a promotion Pokerstars is running. Pokerstars has a "2x" promotion this month, where they decide to double something on their site. Well, this week they happened to double the guaranteed money in the MTTs so I figured I'd give them a shot.

I've had some success in MTTs during my first two years of playing poker, winning $9.3k in a $10 rebuy on Stars, getting 5th in that same tournament before as well for $3.3k or so, and finishing 30 something in the Sunday Million for about $3k.

My friend, Bill, also played some MTTs at the same time as me and I ended up staking him for about half the tournies he played.

I ended up playing in 14 MTTs over the past two days and ended down about $250 despite going quite deep in two tournies. I'm down about $700 total after adding in the money I spent staking Bill and watching him lose almost every big all-in hand (each time as a big favorite or just losing a coin-flip).

I made it to 40th place out of 3,474 players in the $10 rebuy on Pokerstars last night... this one was pretty frustrating as I tried to steal the blinds with 98o and got called by the Big Blind who had 88. First place was something like $20k... so yea, came pretty close to winning big.

The other one I went deep in was the $100 freezout MTT on Pokerstars ($50,000 guaranteed prize pool) and I got 28th place out of 810... again I jammed a mediocre hand (A6o) to steal the blinds and got snapped off by 88 again and lost.

I now remember why I don't normally play MTTs anymore... they are a waste of time, money, and effort. I played OK in most of them, bad in a few, and great in a few... and ended up losing money for my two days' work. I have a lot of respect for poker players that are able to make a living from online MTTs, as it seems like it would be very difficult to make a consistent source of income and show a solid profit.

I may play the Sunday million this Sunday, because that tournament's guarantee is also doubled now ($2 mil)... other than that, I think I'm done playing MTTs for a while.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Poor Start to July

This is going to be a quick post, because I need to get to sleep because I'm participating in a Sporting Clays shoot tomorrow morning in Minnesota.

Anyways, I just thought I would rant about how poorly my month is starting out. So far I'm down $1,500 over about 10,000 hands. Some of this is my fault, such as picking bad spots to bluff, making a stand with mediocre hands against ultra-aggressive players at the wrong times, or not being able to fold over pairs when people have sets on boards with flush draws, etc... however, a huge part of this downswing appears to just simply be due to running bad. So far this month, I've ran $2,000 below expectation.

Here is a graph of the mayhem... top line is what I would have won/lost if I had average luck, and bottom line is actual wins or losses. You can see that I really start to run poorly at about 5k hands.

This hand tonight was really frustrating, however I played the hand perfectly. The guy who open raised was a pretty big donkey, and I just called the 3-bet pre-flop to induce the donkey to shove... he did, of course, as planned... but my 92% chance to win just was not good enough... Sucks that this pot was a 450 big blind pot as well.


This hand sucked as well... I wasn't sure what he was limp/calling a raise and 3-bet cold with pre-flop... I thought he could have easily had something like AT, JT or some type of pair and straight draw... which meant I couldn't fold after c-betting the flop. Very annoying hand, however. Villain was 90/15 AF 3.0 over 15 hands.


Hopefully this starts to turn around soon, or I may just play some $2/4 Full Ring for a while to take a break from 6 Max. I always seem to have much smaller swings in full ring, and it feels like I can get people drawing much slimmer when I get them all in... which somewhat results in getting sucked out on less.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 2nd Session

I played quite a bit today on Stars... ended up playing for 8 hours total and ended up down a buyin. I'm actually really happy with the result, because at one point in the session I was down about $1.6k. However, I made a really good comeback towards the end of the session. I did make some mistakes during the session, such as stacking off a bit too lightly with mediocre over pair type hands, but a lot of my losing pots were just due to unfortunate spots or getting sucked out on.

I also ran about $700 below expectation in the session, so if I would have had average luck I would have actually won about $500 instead of losing $200. That doesn't account for coolers, however, and towards the beginning of my session I lost a stack with KK vs. AA and also lost a stack with middle set vs top set... So yea, hopefully I start to run better so I can make enough at $1/2 NL to move up to $2/4 soon.

Here is the graph of my swong for today (the top line is EV winnings... what I would have expected to win or lose given average luck. The bottom line is actual amount won or lost):

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June Results

June was the best month I've ever had playing poker. I made $20,000 in June, which I am really proud of. I put in a lot of hard work to earn that much money. My previous monthly high was a $16,000 month I had last summer when I was playing $2/4 NL full ring.

I played quite a few hands, however. I ended up playing about 70,000 hands, which is probably the most hands I've ever played in one month.

I'm looking forward to moving up to $2/4 NL 6 max very soon. I'm waiting until I have $20k in both my Stars and FTP accounts before I make the plunge. This will give me over a 100 buy in total bankroll for that level and allow for 50 buyins on each site. I'm only about $2k away on each site, so hopefully I'll be playing $2/4 NL by the second week of July.

I had a pretty good start to July, as I played on Cake poker for an hour and a half and made $700.