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Saturday, June 27, 2009

FTP's birthday gift to me!!!

Was not much of a gift... I had my biggest losing day ever yesterday/today... I ended up losing 12k with most of the loss coming from $25/50 NL 6 Max. I also played a mixture of $5/10 NL and $10/20 NL. I played longer sessions than normal due to a massive fish at the tables.

I haven't looked at the all in EV crap in a while but it's pretty hilarious for this session... apparently I ran about $25k below EV in all ins.

Nearly all of the big pots I lost I got it in as a favorite, so there's nothing to really say about my play. I played the hands fine. Just got unlucky, that's all.

Here are a few of the major hands... enjoy.

Hand #1

Hand #2

Hand #3

Hand #4

Hand #5

There's more, but you get the idea... not my day today. Although there is one good point... I was down about 25k at one point and battled back to cut the deficit in half.

I'm tired and going to bed now. I'll try and post some U.S. Open pics and vids tomorrow if I have time. We shoot the 2nd day of the main event tomorrow. We shot day 1 today and I hit 58/66 which was OK, but not good enough to be near the very top of the scoreboard.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Break from Vegas and U.S. Open

I left Vegas last Sunday for Kentucky. I'm shooting in the U.S. Open this week with my brother and Dad in Kentucky. The U.S. Open is the 2nd biggest sporting clays shoot in the country. There are over 1,000 entrants.

We have shot four events so far. We shot the 28 ga event first and I hit 44/50. Later on, that Tuesday, we also shot the .410 ga event and I hit 42/50. Today we shot the 20 ga event and I did a bit better in that event, hitting 46/50. I did quite well in the 5-Stand event over the first three fields (25 targets per field)... but then got a poor score on the final field to finish with a score of 85/100. I'm in Master class, so I shoot in the same class as the pros... so I pretty much need to hit 95% of the targets or more to have a chance at winning.

It's been pretty hot here over the past few days but the course and grounds are really nice. So far the shoot has been a lot of fun and the targets have been good. I'll try and post some pics over the next few days.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vegas update

Wow, I've been busy. It's amazing how busy I've been over the past few weeks... I think it's a combination of going out nearly every night and then sleeping in until like noon, lol. It really takes a lot of time to go out to clubs/bars and socialize.

I've been squeaking in some online sessions during the day, but the past few days have been kind of uneventful. I've lost a few buyins due to classic coolers but I'm still up online for the trip.

I'm down a few thousand from live poker still, but it's mainly from the $1.5k WSOP event #7 donkament I played. I haven't played that much live cash though.

My buddy, Adam, came from LA to Vegas to hang out for a week. We played a bit of poker, ate lunch/dinner a few times, and then went out to a few clubs/bars together on Sunday night. I didn't get to hang out with him as much as I would have liked though, so I think I'm going to make a trip to LA in a few months so I can see what it's like there. I can also visit a few other friends that live there as well.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yesterday, Jimmy and I went to the XS nightclub at the Encore. It was awesome. The club resembled Tryst in a way... I really liked how half the club was outside so the noise was not unbearable. But the dance floor was still rockin' and there were hot girls everywhere.

Here are some pics:

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I went out last night with some of the guys from the house... it was a blast! We went to Tao, at the Venetian, to start the night off. We were there for probably less than an hour; I liked the atmosphere and music but the place was just packed. The dance floor was like so full of people you could barely even move. So we took a few girls we were chatting with along with us to Tryst at the Wynn.

Another poker player who was friends with John had a table there and we spent the rest of the night there... until like 3 AM. This was the best club I've been to in Vegas thus far. It was partly outdoors, so the music wasn't ridiculously loud as in some other places. It was a lot more spacious as well. We met some more girls there, went out to grab a bite to eat with them.

Tonight, I think we're going to head over to another house of all poker players for a BBQ. After that, I think we're probably going to go out again, but a few of the guys wanted to play some live poker. Vegas is awesome.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WSOP Donkament

Yes, I did play a WSOP donkament event. It was the WSOP Event #7, $1,500 NLHE. There were around 2,700 entrants. I figured it'd be interesting to give it a shot. Some of the guys from the house I'm staying at played in it as well, so it was pretty fun to all play in the same event. John and Derrick actually ended up on the same table... with Derrick eventually busting John out. Derrick is still in the tourney and made the second day.

I busted out shortly before the dinner break after I shipped JJ from UTG+1 vs the UTG raiser, when I was sort of shortstacked. I still had like a 4-5xs raise of his open left. He called with K9 soooted and eventually ended up with trip 9's to scoop up the pot and eliminate me. I was crippled shortly before my JJ hand when I had to make a sick c/f on the turn with AA overpair on a really raggedy, wet suited board... the board was like 862 all spades, then another spade, 4s, came on the turn. It was so obvious the old dude turned the flush... he checked his cards before calling my flop c-bet and of course I did not have a spade. That was pretty frustrating... putting half my stack in and then having to just c/f the turn like an idiot, lol. Oh well, that's donkaments for ya.

I played a bit of $5/10 NL cash live so far, but have lost about a buyin total due to just not really winning any big pots and losing some big iso-raises and c-bets. It's just so painstakingly slow, I think I'm going to try and play a bit more online even though I'm in Vegas. It's just so ridiculously obvious to me that live cash isn't going to get me, personally, the best hourly rate.

Here's a pic of me, that's pretty lol from the WSOP. Appearantly they took pictures of everyone who played in the event, so they can make an extra buck from the people who actually buy them. I don't really look too thrilled to be playing the donkament in the pic, hahaha.