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Friday, October 31, 2008

Biggest cash game day EVER !!!

Today, I crushed. I played about 3,000 hands and won $5.3k. I played about half my hands on PokerStars and the other half on Ultimate Bet. I'm positive that this is by far my best cash game day ever. The only other cash session that even comes close to this was when I won $4.3k in a live $2/5 NL cash game in Vegas in June.

I can honestly say, that I played the best poker of my career today. I bluffed at the right times, I got maximum value from most of my hands, and I made some correct but difficult folds. I'm pretty proud of my play. I think having Nutedawg do a live sweat with me on Tuesday helped me a TON.

Over all the hands I played, I only got felted for 100bbs or more twice... both in unavoidable spots where anyone gets the money in.

Hand #1: Here, an aggressive regular raises my flop c-bet and I have to ship it in because he can have a ton of different stuff that I'm ahead of. I end up against a hand that I'm flipping with and just lose the coin flip.


Hand #2: On this hand, I have top set on the flop and bet the turn for value and protection vs a flush draw... once he ships it in I was committed and obviously never folding as he can easily have something that I beat. Even if I'm behind I'm still getting very close pot odds to call and try to boat up.


Hand #3: This hand was against a huge fish who was very aggressive. I'd probably play this a bit differently against a normal player, but I felt letting him hang himself here was the best move. He decides to fold on the river when it's $40.50 more to call into a pot of over $1.2k .... LOL !!! Who knows what he had... apparently total air. I never showed my hand, so I don't know why pokerhand is saying I did.


Those were the three most interesting hands. Most of the other hands I won were fairly standard.

I'm going to hit the tables hard tomorrow afternoon then probably go to the Sioux hockey game later on at night. I'll likely go out for Halloween night afterwords as well. It would be sweet to crush tomorrow as well. I'll do my best to finish the month strong.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Comeback

I had one of the most insane sessions of my career yesterday. I played 4,200 hands on PokerStars and finished down about $800... and I'm thrilled with the result. Why am I happy about losing 2 buyins? Well, because I was down $3.4k at one point in the session !!!

I have never been coolered so many times in once session before. It was just sick. The first 1,200 hands of the session, I ran into cooler after cooler followed by a suckout and it went on and on and on and just wouldn't stop. Even at the end of the session, I was within 50 big blinds of being back to even TWICE and each time I got royally screwed by an unreal cooler. Eventually I just gave up and called it a night.

I got felted 8 separate times for 100 big blinds or more each time.

1st stack lost: 150bbs lost to set over set on a 743 two diamond board. I had 44.

2nd stack lost: I 3-bet KK vs a fish and raise his tripple donk three times on a JTXXK board. He has AT with the backdoor nut flush.

3rd stack lost: A fish set mines vs my huge 3-bet squeeze when I have JJ. I flop overpair, he flops set, my money goes bye bye.

4th stack lost: I hit top two pair vs an aggro monkey reg on a KQ4 board. He has 44 obviously.

5th stack lost: I float a c-bet with an OESD and pick up a flushdraw on the turn and bet it in position. I hit flush on river and he CRAI with the 2nd nut flush and I have the 3rd nut flush. Also, the hand was played in a manner that made it nearly impossible for him to have the nut flush too... so he had like the one hand that beat me.

6th stack lost: I flop two overs and the NFD on a raggedy flop in a 3-bet pot and ship it in and I'm up against AA obviously, so my equity isn't nearly what I had expected.

7th stack lost: I made a spewy mistake in a 3-bet pot vs a monkey reg. This one was played poorly and my fault that I lost.

8th stack lost: QQ vs KK AIPF vs a fish with a VPIP of 50 and a complete moron.

I also lost COUNTLESS medium pots where I would have a sicko draw and brick the turn and river. That happend at least 4-5 times and I lost about 20-40% of a stack each time.

Lost numerous other medium pots where I just got unlucky. Here's a HH to one of them, just because it pretty much sums up how the session went.


I did, however, play ridiculously well to get back to being only down $800.

It just wasn't my day yesterday.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ship da COOKIES !

I had two separate sessions today, one on UB and one on Stars. Both sessions went relatively well and I was able to finish the day with a $2.2k win over 4,000 hands.

I didn't run the greatest in my session on Stars, as I lost 3 all ins when I had 70% or better equity when the money got in. I also made a few mistakes as well, which cost me about two buyins.

This hand from UB pissed me off a lot... not because I got sucked out on really, but because the villain is a semi-solid reg and he just adjusted to me horribly. I had been 3-betting him a ton so his solution was to call when OOP with a suited connector and then do ???? when he hits 2nd pair... I wonder what he would have done if he didn't suckout on the turn. I guess if he can have 9T here he also has QJ, KJ, AJ, etc that I'm ahead of so I like my ship on the turn.


This hand from my UB session was also annoying. I would sometimes 4-bet here and sometimes call... I don't think it matters all that much as there are advantages and disadvantages to both ways. Shipping it is fine because he can still have JJ and be bet/folding some stuff, etc. Sucks that he binked a set on me, as if the flop comes 9 high he probably doesn't think twice about getting the money in.


This is a hand from my Stars session... the villain was a fish so my play is super standard, just sucks that top pair rivered trips. Why can't I have the Ah one time???


Another hand just like the hand above happened as well, for about the same amount of money except this time I had KK and he had J9 on a JXXXJ board. Got it in on flop. I need to practice winning all ins.

Good session overall. I'm happy with the result.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another solid win

I played about 4,000 hands total today and won about $1.8k. I had a 1,000 hand session on UB earlier on in the afternoon, which resulted in about a $100 loss. I had one sick sick sick cooler though, which cost me a stack:


Then I played about 3,000 hands on Stars later on at night which ended up fairly profitable. I won approximately $1.9k on there.

I broke even for the longest time, then just went on a sick heater over a span of about 20 minutes towards the end of my session. It was just one of those times where all my opponents seemed to finally be catching hands when I had a slightly better hand. All my winners weren't coolers in my favor; I think I played the hands I won very well.

Here's a fun hand from my Stars session:

This villain was pretty fishy... I didn't want to 5-bet too large pre-flop because I wanted him to stick around. I bet an amount on the flop to lead him to believe that I could be bluffed off the hand possibly, as he seemed the type to go crazy and hang himself if he was given enough rope. My plan worked to the tee and he hung himself for sure.


Two good days in a row so far. I'm going to try and make it 3 good days in a row with a respectable win on Sunday. If I pull off a nice win tomorrow it will be a very productive weekend.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I had two sessions today... one on PokerStars and one on UB. For some reason or another, I really felt like trying out playing 8 tables again since I haven't done it in nearly a month. I feel like I'm a lot better player now than a month ago, and I wanted to see if that made it any easier for me to play a lot of tables. So I played 8 tables for one of my sessions today and played 4 tables at once for the other session.

Well, compare the below two sessions and see if you can guess which session I 8 tabled and which session I 4 tabled.

This is the UB session:

This is the PS session:

Well, if you guessed that the UB session was the 4 tabling one, you were right!

This is PRECISELY why playing 4 tables is optimum... you can see the difference as clear as day in my stats, winrate, and you can't see that I had a TON more fun playing on UB today!

I'm not going to even experiment with it again; there's no need to as I've proven to myself once again that I can win more with less tables. When playing 8 tables, it's just too difficult to be raising enough hands and keeping track of my image. I can't start any "battles" like I did vs some players on UB.

Overall, I had a great day winning about $2.5k in total over about 4,000 hands.

My image paid off nicely a few times on UB.

This guy appearantly just got frustrated and snapped... and shipped in 88 on a TXX board vs me when I had rockets. He was a bit fishy so it didn't suprise me too much, but I wasn't too happy when the last T came out as I thought for sure he had TX.


One of my students was asking me about how to play AK pre-flop today and we had a short 15 minute discussion. We came to the conclusion that you just have to be playing in a manner that makes it impossible to even consider folding it pre-flop. I had been 3-betting this reg all session and he had 4-bet me at least 2 or 3 times and folded to my 5-bet shove once. Here, I had TT but obviously I can have AK just as easily... which puts me way ahead of his AhQh. I ended up winning about $900 off this one reg for the day.


That's it for now. Hopefully I can crush tomorrow as well.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Made some money

I played most of my hands on UB yesterday, finishing up about $1k over 2,200 hands. I played a bit on Stars later on last night but that session was uneventful, as I pretty much broke even.

Here's the screenshot from my UB session:

I'm learning more and more how important it is to have a decently solid read on a player before attempting a massive bluff... before, I used to agree with that but kind of ignore it if I thought the bluffing situation was too good to pass up. Well, it doesn't work to well to bluff unknowns on UB because the average player is an idiot and station. I'll need to keep that in mind next time I play on there, because I spewed off a stack trying to move a somewhat unknown player off of top pair.

There are a few hands worth posting, and I'll throw them up really quick since I haven't posted any hands lately.

Hand #1: Bet/folding this river felt really really dirty, but I think I still have to bet it out for value in case he has something like QcJx or QcTx. I guess after looking at it again maybe a value bet isn't all that great because I'm pretty much only value betting against the Qc, but I think he does have that an awful lot here. I don't think he would ever check-raise anything that I beat on this river because he's really really passive... overall AF of 2.3 and river AF of 1.7. I'm guessing he had something like T9 and rivered a boat on me.

http://www.pokerhand.org/?3362280 - for some reason the pot sizes are messed up on the HH converter... each street , the pot size is actually about double of what it says.

Hand #2: Here's a hand I won. The villain is a pretty big idiot. Once he min-check raised me on the turn I knew he had Tx so I just shipped it in right then and there because he's never folding and I don't want the board to pair and have him play scared.


He ended up having AT.

I'm going to try and get in a bunch of hands today, as I am not going duck hunting or anything this weekend. Hopefully I get some good results.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another average session on Stars

Pretty standard session... nothing too exciting really happened. I played for about 2-3 hours and made $800.

There was one hand where I was actually able to only lose half my stack when I rivered a flush... I made the right play by not shipping it because my passive opponent had a boat. I'm pretty proud of my restraint there, as I nearly shipped it in but decided against it because I didn't think he'd ever call with worse.

Here's the HEM stats for the session... I didn't really play aggressively enough, I was messing around about half the time looking at my fantasy hockey teams... lol

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Session on Stars

Played a bit today on Stars and finished up two buyins over 900 hands.

I played pretty well, only got felted once.

Villain in this hand is pretty LAG pre-flop... like 30/20 over a big sample. I'm surprised he didn't just 4-bet and try and get all in pre-flop. Didn't expect him to turn up AK here really, thought that was pretty unusual.


Here's a winning hand... I got called down pretty light here, lol.


No other really interesting hands to discuss though, pretty standard stuff.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Played a bit over the weekend

I got in some $2/4 NL hands on Friday and Saturday when we were done hunting. I played on UB and lost about $2.5k on there, with most of that loss being due to getting over-setted twice in huge pots.

Sunday night, I was feeling kind of tired but wanted to play some poker, so I logged on to UB. I didn't feel like playing $2/4 NL really, mainly due to the fact that I wasn't going to have razor sharp focus after the weekend of duck hunting. Anyways, on UB my roll got diminished a bit from Friday and Saturday so it's probably fine that I build it up a bit more before I play $2/4 NL again on there.

I played about 1,800 hands at $1/2 NL and won about $1.2k so it was a pretty decent result. Pretty solid stats. I could have stolen a bit more and 3-bet a bit more, but there were a lot of poor players online. I was kind of handcuffed because I couldn't 3-bet bluff like half of the players that were online because they were either huge stations or super duper nits that were raising such a tight range it'd be dumb to 3-bet bluff them because their always going to have a pretty strong hand. I'm going to work on 3-betting a bit more when I play tomorrow.

Last weekend of duck hunting for year

This past weekend, my Dad and I went duck hunting at our usual place with our boat. This was the last weekend that we'll be using the boat for waterfowl hunting and could potentially be the last duck hunting of the year. I may go do some more duck hunting with other friends later on in the season, but we'll most likely be field hunting.

We had great success this weekend. Between my Dad and I, we shot a total of 18 ducks, one Tundra Swan (we had a special tag for this), one snow goose, and one blue goose over two days of hunting. Most of the ducks we shot were drake mallards, just like the one in the picture at the top of my blog.

Here's some pics from the trip:

Weekend's kill

Saturday's kill

My Dad in duck boat

Decoys under sunrise


Sunset pic 2

Bluebill duck inspecting Bluebill decoy

Birds high in the sky

Snow Geese

Friday, October 17, 2008

Coaching stuff

I gave two lessons today, so that took up a lot of time. I also spent some time editing my coaching page for the CR coaching forums... there's a chance that the forum could be launched yet before the new year! lol... can't say exactly when it's going to launch; they told us to keep quiet about it.

The hourly rate I'll be charging new students for lessons is going to be $250 per hour. This is the rate that will be listed on the CardRunners coaching forum once it is launched. My rate has increased a bit simply because I have a lot of students right now and just don't have time for many more.

Those who are currently students now don't have to worry about my rate increase. I believe that we made an informal agreement on rates and your learning plan when we initialized our lessons. Therefore, I'll keep the rates I had initially posted for what I charge per hour for the three different levels. If you have any questions on what I mean by this, don't be afraid to email me. I'd be glad to clarify it for you.

Thanks a bunch to all of my current students for jumping on for lessons early on in my coaching career. Not increasing the rates I charge you is the least thing I can do. You're getting a good discount for having faith in me! Hopefully everyone is satisfied with what we've done thus far. I always try to do my best. If you have any suggestions on how I could better coach any of you, let me know. I want to ensure that everyone gets an excellent learning experience with each lesson.

To the two other poker players just recently emailed me about coaching: I am going to email you back as soon as I get a chance and let you know what's going on and what rate you'll have locked in.

I did manage to get in a few hands today... probably one of the shortest sessions I've played in a while, but it went quite well.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Played a lil 200NL today

I had two sessions of $1/2 NL today for two different reasons. My first session I played was at UB where my roll is pretty low because I traded off a bunch to one of my friends. I made $500 in that session and built up my roll enough on there so now I can play $2/4 NL on there.

My second session was on FTP at $1/2 NL because I was making a vid for one of my students, Rob. He wanted to see how I played and requested that I play on FTP because that's where he plays. During the video, I made a few errors but got into a lot of interesting spots. It should make for some great discussion. I actually finished down $ in the one hour vid but I played a bit longer after I finished recording and ended up making $500 on that session as well.

So I finished up about $1k over 800 hands or so for the day. I played pretty solid aside from a few mishaps when I was recording. Here's the HEM stats:

As a side note, I've decided to take the EV stat off my holdem manager stats. We had a discussion today in our Destined2pwn meeting tonight about this EV stat. We pretty much came to the conclusion that it doesn't do a whole lot of good to worry about it and at the end of the day, all that really matters is $$$ won or lost. Questions were brought up about the stat's accuracy because it seems like everyone is always running below expecation... well, I believe the stat is accurate and the reason you hear that everyone is running below EV is because no one bitches about running above expecation.

Also, Noel pointed out a few situations where the EV stat can just be totally misleading... Example: you have KK and get 90% of the money in on the flop QXT then the villain turns two pair with QJ and you get in the last 10% of the money bad... and suck out on a T river... it seems like you're running way above EV when that really isn't the case because you got most of the money in good on the flop.

But anyways, I've decided that looking at that stat is wasted mental energy and I'm not going to look at it anymore. I'd encourage all my students to just get rid of that stat from their HEM display and just focus on things that you can improve with your game. We can't do anything when we're running below EV to make us run better in the future, so there's no point in worrying about it.

The only time you should really look at it is if you are getting really depressed or discouraged about your results. Then I think it's ok to take a peek just to help figure out why you are losing. If you see that you are just running terrible then it might be a boost of confidence that could help you in future sessions... otherwise you may assume that you're just not playing well whereas that may not be the case.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pheasant hunting trip complete

I got back from my hunting trip around 8 PM. In total, between 5 hunters in our party over a span of four days, we shot over 50 pheasants, 11 ducks, 5 sharptail grouse, 3 Canadian geese, and one partridge. We got a wide variety of ducks; gadwalls, a wigeon, teal, pintails, and a really nice drake canvasback. So in total, we killed 9 different species of birds. The trip was a lot of fun and we had great success.

We even got back in time for my intramural hockey game. We ended up beating the UND Law School team 10-2. One of their players, Quinn Fylling, played DI college hockey for the Sioux about 6 years ago or so. He didn't do much damage out there and we were able to lock up a convincing win. I did, however, take a 40-50 mph shot to the chest when I was standing on the blue line right after a faceoff. Their center shot the puck forward right off the draw and I wasn't able to get out of the way in time... I wasn't wearing shoulder pads, because no one really does in our league. Well, I have a red puck mark on my chest now and it's a little sore but I'll be fine.

Here's a few pics from the pheasant hunting trip:

Slaughter pic
- Myself on the left and my Dad on the right-

Walking in the brush
- From left to right: Daniel, my Dad, and Ted -

Pheasant tracks

My Dad shooting

Scenery pic

Another scenery pic

Monday, October 13, 2008

Killin birds

My hunting trip is going well. We shot 15 pheasants among the 5 of us in our group yesterday. We also shot 6 ducks and a few sharptail grouse. Today we got another 15 pheasants, a sharptail grouse, and 3 huge Canadian Geese.

The weather was pretty sketchy over the past two days, as yesterday it snowed about 4 inches or so early on in the morning. It has been relatively cold so far, with temperatures hovering around 32 degrees.

I've played a bit on UB and won $400 over the past two days.

Tomorrow we'll be hunting in the morning and driving home that afternoon and should be back in Grand Forks at night. It's been a really fun trip so far and I've had a great time.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pheasant hunting

I'm out in Western ND right now on a pheasant hunting trip with my dad and some of his friends. We did well today, got our limit of pheasants plus 5 ducks and 2 sharptail grouse.

I managed to play a bit of poker on Friday... didn't go too well, as I lost about $800 on UB. Well, tonight I won all that back so I'm even for the weekend. Hopefully I can sneak in some hands tomorrow night as well and make some money on the weekend.

I'll see if I can get some pics from the trip to add to my blog tomorrow.

Friday, October 10, 2008

UB & railing Hellmuth at HU Cash

I played a bit on UB yesterday and ended up losing $1k over about 3,000 hands. I'm not going to post any hands because most of them are uninteresting and just me getting bad beat. I lost AK vs AQ AIPF for stacks. Also lost with a set on the flop to a KT high flush draw. I ran $1.7k below expecation for the session.

When I first logged on to UB I noticed that none other than Phil Hellmuth was playing some $50-100 NL HU Cash!!! Of course the waitlist was like 20 people long and I pulled up the table to see how he was playing. Hellmuth is, of course, as big of a donk at cash as everyone says. He was playing a style that clearly couldn't be profitable long term but was running like GOD at the beginning against his opponent.

I took some screenshots of the chat because some of it was pretty funny...

I like how he put blackhole on 4's full or a flush on that first HH... haha

LOLdonkament players... so clueless

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Solid win

I played for about 4 hours today on Cake poker and made $1.3k. Nothing too exciting happened, once again. I did win a few nice pots with AA which I'll show...

This one was pretty standard IMO, the villain was a donkey.

This one was vs a reg, and very very standard.

I got an email today saying that I have been accepted to be a Cardrunners Coach, which is pretty cool. I am pretty booked as far as students go, but I think I may be able to take one more. It'll be interesting to see how the coaching forum finally turns out, as it seems like they have been working on it for half of a year...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cake again

I played about 5 hours on Cake and won about $1k. Lost a flip AKs vs JJ and some guy hit a backdoor flush which I paid off when I had half my stack in with AA on a TX55X board. He shipped it all in when he was OOP... normally when a donk does that, it means the river card hit them in the face and helped their hand normally. Not sure if I could have laid it down or not, but I should have taken more time before deciding what to do.

Nothing really exciting to report, other than the fact that my intramural hockey team won our first regular season game tonight by a score of 5 to 2. So that was a lot of fun and it was nice to get a win for the first game of the year.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Short session on Cake

I didn't play a whole lot today. I just played for about an hour and a half on Cake poker and made two buyins. I did give a few lessons though, both of which I think went very well.

I'm happy with all of the students I selected. I think I'm pretty lucky that each student is an eager learner, has good work ethic, and a pretty decent understanding of the game already. I'm having a lot of fun giving lessons and look forward to teaching my students even more about the game in future lessons.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Not doing a stop-win anymore

I don't know what I was thinking earlier when I said that I was going to try a daily stop-win... lol.

It's a really dumb idea and doesn't make any sense at all. All it does is add false pressure to hit the daily goal that is extremely unnecessary... this made it more difficult to make the correct decisions while playing. Also, it caused me to check my account balance like every 5 minutes which just kills my play because it's so distracting. So no more stop-win or anything stupid like that anymore.

I'm just going to try and play shorter sessions like I did today... about 2-3 hours long. That should solve my problem of my quality of play dropping after like 800-1000 hands.

I ended up playing 600 hands on Stars today and made about $1k.

Most of the hands were pretty standard.

Here's one that is pointless as far as a learning perspective, just a brutal suckout that I feel like putting on here. The villain was a pretty big fish.


Other than this hand, the most I ever lost in one single hand was $100 and that was a failed 4-bet bluff.

I went duck hunting again this weekend with my Dad and it was a lot of fun. We shot a total of 20 ducks and a Canadian Goose over two days of hunting.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Broke even

I think I'm going to try out a stop-win of $1k per day this month... I should have used it today, as I was up $1.7k on Cake then decided to play some on Stars. Well, I ended up losing $2k on there... while running just 2 buyins below expectation.

I did unlock a $2k bonus from Stars so I guess it wasn't a total waste...

I think I just simply played too much poker today. I made some bad moves and towards the end was making light call-downs and some small mistakes that added up.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

First session of October

I played about 1,300 hands on UB today and ended up winning $1k. I continued my trend from September of running like dog shit in all-ins, finishing the session 2 buyins below expectation. Also had one cooler hand that isn't included in the EV calculation, as I got raped in a 3-bet pot when I had AA...(3-bet was 25bb large... so I just called it) and someone flopped a boat on me when I had a pot-sized bet left. I did make one semi-mistake this session as I decided to pull a big bluff in a 3-bet pot on the river and got snapped off by TP medium kicker when the flush hit on the river...

Here's the HEM stats. My W$WSF stat is getting better every session... that's pretty good to have it over 50% in my opinion.

Here's a few hands:

Here's a fun hand. I ship it in with the nut flush and 2 overs and he binks a gutterball on the turn.


Here's the AA hand I was mentioning earlier... I like my play... shoving pre-flop is probably a poor idea because I don't really need to isolate the shortstack because he 3-bet so huge, I don't think anyone is getting proper odds to set mine me for 1/4 of a buyin...


This hand sucked... pissed me off even more that he waited until the turn to ship it in because I was a bigger favorite then.


I did actually win a few hands... here's one of them


I ended up getting a new student today. He's a regular on $2/4 NL 6 Max on Stars and a very solid player. I'm looking forward to working with him, as he's already one of the biggest winners in my HEM database. I think I can show him a lot of non-standard stuff that will really get him to the next level.

I don't think I'll be taking any new students anytime soon... I have plenty of students right now and don't want to spread myself too thin. Plus, I want to have some time to play teh pokers as well.

I have been considering trying out a stop-win this month. Maybe something like win $1k per day. I have never done any stop-losses or stop-wins before... however, I noticed that quite frequently on my daily graphs I've seen my profit line go like straight up from 0 to about 800 hands... then it often tapers down and finishes below the point I was at when I had played about 700-900 hands.

I'm not sure if this is fatigue or what, but trying to make $X per day is something that I've always wanted to just try for the fun of it. I know it isn't correct as far as I could be making more, it doesn't really matter when I end my session because my whole career is one long session, etc. etc. But if I can make more money doing this by playing less hands as well it might be worth it. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has tried something like this before...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September recap

I ended up playing about 75,000 hands for the month. I also gave about 10 hours worth of lessons to my students, so from a work ethic perspective I did an excellent job this month. Result of this effort? A $13k total profit from poker activities.

It is a solid month but nothing extraordinary. For playing that many hands at $2/4 NL, I really feel like I should have been up much more. However, as you could see from my previous blog post, I did not run very well in all-ins. So that part was out of my control.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the result I guess, considering how poorly I ran.

I'm going to really focus on improving my game in October and work hard on applying the things I'm learning from my lessons with Nutedawg. Hopefully I can crush the games in October.