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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Full Ringing

Played a ton of 100NL Full Ring today on Stars.  It went kinda "meh".  I won a few buy-ins but my last session  of the day was frustrating.

I'm going to play it again tomorrow and the plan for October is to put in 40 hours per week 24 tabling full ring for a SNE trial run, so we'll see how it goes.

My weekend was great and I'll post some pics and talk more about it tomorrow, because I'm off to my apartment to watch the first new episode of Season 5 of DEXTER!!!  This show is AMAZING!  I love it.  It just keeps getting better, and better, and better each season.  I don't really even consider it a TV show, it's more like a long movie in which the plot keeps thickening and gets more and more exciting.

If you haven't ever seen Dexter, watch it!  You will love it.  It only took me 30 minutes of watching it to get hooked.

Have a good night everyone.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to RUSH

I decided to go back to playing primarily RUSH for a few weeks.  Focus is to put in volume and not get disgruntled when I have a bad sesh or day.

My weekend was pretty fun, I hung out with Liz and got to see one of my good friends from NYC who was in town.  We went to a barbecue at one of my friends girlfriend's place, which was a blast.  The food was really good and both Liz and I had a good time.

Halloween is coming up and it's Liz's favorite holiday, so we're going to be doing a bunch of fun fall-related stuff this weekend.  She has already decorated her place really well.

Here are some pics from two weekends ago, pics of the decorations, and some pics from the barbecue.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Considering SNE in 2011

I spoke with Tim today and yesterday about me possibly going for Supernova Elite on Stars in 2011.  This would net me around 110k guaranteed in bonuses plus a seat in the WSOP Main event.

I would likely do it 24 tabling full ring... starting out at either 100NL or 200NL and hopefully ending the year at 400NL-600NL or higher.  I played with the FPP Pro calculator Tim has and if I'm able to maintain a 1-2 ptbb/100 winrate over the hands I play I could have a really great year.

I feel it's a good idea because it's likely to be a lot less stressful compared to grinding 4-6 tables of 6 max and table selecting, because when I do that I'm relying mostly on my poker playing profits for my income.

I've figured out an easy way to play 24 tables at once with some software and my hardware.  The only thing I have to do now is perfect my full ring skills in order to seriously consider going for SNE next year.  The games have changed a ton and even at stakes as low as 50NL there are tons of nits.  I really have to get used to the ranges in these games because they are way different.

I'm going to try this out over the next few weeks along with playing some 6 Max RUSH on FTP to insure that I'm still making some money this month.  I feel like I've beaten that game quite well but just got frustrated after running like a midget with a broken leg for two days in a row.

RUSH has gave me 3 OK months in a row so I need to stick with it a bit while experimenting with full ring so I can have some incoming cash flow.  I don't really know if my full ring experimenting will result in a positive cash flow at the beginning so I don't really feel like I can stick to that 100% right now.  I've messed around at 50NL so far to get the software and hardware and timing down but I'm down around 10 buy-ins so far.  I've definitely stacked off way too lightly in a few spots and been running bad so there is room for improvement.

We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Played slightly over 10 hours today and basically felt like I just kept running my head into a wall.  I just couldn't catch a break.  I got coolered so many times and got raped in all-ins, had 5 flips preflop and won one of them, you name it... it happened.  I'm so sick of getting bent over nearly every session now, it's getting old.

I hope I start running better soon because I don't know how much longer I can take it.

I did have a session with Tim today and he watched me play 4 tables of 200NL.  I definitely picked up a few things I need to work on from what we talked about and I felt that I did a pretty good job of improving on those things while playing the remainder of the night.  I just can't forget about it and must continue to apply it from here on out.

So I dumped about 5 buy-ins today and I actually feel that I played as well as I have in a long time.

Here's the garph.  Fun stuff!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor day and poker update

Liz and I ended up going to Lake Geneva on Labor day and we brought along her dog, Bella.  It was really relaxing and we just had a picnic in the park and chilled out for the day.

Poker has been pretty frustrating lately for me, as I haven't really been able to string very many good days in a row.  I'm making some adjustments to my game though and really working hard on getting better.  Today, my buddy Forrest and I did a vid review of one of my sessions and that went really well.

I ended up playing for about 5 hours today since I spent a few hours doing that vid review and ended up around one buy-in.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday, as I'm planning on playing pretty much all day so hopefully I can have a big weekend and play well.

Here are some pics from when Liz and I were hanging out.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

No more RUSH

I'm giving up on RUSH for the rest of the month.  Had three HORRIBLE days playing it.  Got absolutely annihilated running really great hands into the nuts over and over and over and over.

I'm going to play regular 6 max for the rest of the month and will be grinding out 200NL as well to build confidence.  I feel like I still am able to beat 400NL regular 6 max but honestly my overall poker confidence is a bit low at this point after getting crushed at RUSH.

I'm going to be table selecting like crazy and trying to really focus on dominating fish.  Hopefully the rest of the month goes better than the first three days of disaster.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Running into American Airlines

Ran into AA about 6 times today pre-flop and got stacked each time.  Each time I had a nut type hand, QQ+ or AK.  Overall ran pretty horrid and it was not a fun day.  I was down $1.3k at my low point, but decided to abandon RUSH for the day and play regular poker and made a decent comeback... finishing down about $500.

I think tomorrow I will just stick to regular 6 max because there should be more big fish out and about due to the weekend coming up.  I just need a break from the swings and frustrations of RUSH.  I had one, one hour session of RUSH today in which I dropped 7.5 buy-ins.  It was pretty sick, but I did make mistakes that cost me one, maybe two stacks.

I am going to try and not look at results at all when playing tomorrow, as I think I'm letting it affect my mood too much depending on how much I'm up or down, etc.  I just need to focus on the task at hand and treat every hand and situation independently.  My focus should be on playing my best at all times... and I don't know if I've been doing that lately.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Great weekend

I ended up having a fun and relaxing weekend with my girlfriend, Liz.  On Saturday night we went on a really fun dinner cruise for three hours on Lake Michigan on Saturday.  It was easily the biggest boat I've ever been on before in my life and it was pretty cool.  They had a full buffet, music, dance floor, great service, and great views of the city from the top of the boat.  The city lit off fireworks at 9 PM and again at 10 PM above Navy Pier so that was pretty cool to watch them from the water.

We also saw a few of the "tall ships" which are basically really large sail ships with massive sails.  There was one roaming around at night and it got within about 800 yards of us.  I ended up requesting a swing dance song and they played it... so Liz and I did some swing dancing, which was a blast.

We just hung out by my pool on Saturday and did a few other small things.  Overall it was a great weekend and I had a blast.

I'm looking forward to playing poker a ton for the rest of the week as I'm going to really work on building up my roll in case FTP ends up offering $2/4 NL 6 Max RUSH poker... which they may or may not do.  I'm guessing the variance in that game would be absolutely insane so I want to be over rolled for that game for sure.

Here are some pics from the weekend.