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I have decided to re-open my coaching services.

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My coaching lessons are two hours in length and I feel like a minimum of 5 lessons (10 hours) is ideal for being able to fully convey my knowledge to you and have a significant impact on improving your game. If you choose to purchase a 5 lesson package, I will give you even a further discount of 20% off of the already reduced hourly fee of $187.50 on the entire lesson package. That's only $150 per hour for quality poker lessons! That's a total of 40% off my normal coaching rate!!!

My specialties are NLHE 6 Max cash games and mass tabling. I can help boost your # of tables played by at least a table or two by helping you understand how to use a few secret things that I've discovered in my VPP quest this year... I have slightly over 930k VPPs so far in 2011.

If you would like to contact me about getting lessons feel free to private message me on Cardrunners.com or email me at "Duckslayer2k@gmail.com" and I'd be glad to respond.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

BRUINS WIN!!! Canada riots!

My prediction that Boston would win and score 4 goals was correct, however I gave a bit too much credit to Vancouver's ability to put up a fight and instead of scoring 3 goals like I predicted they ended up with 0 thanks to the amazing play of Tim Thomas... who ended up winning the Conn Smythe Trophy (playoff MVP award).

After the game, riots broke out in Vancouver and they clearly were upset with the Canucks losing... Unhappy fans are burning and flipping cars, beating up Boston Bruins fans, breaking windows, clashing with riot police, looting, and setting fires throughout downtown Vancouver.  Here's one link to a vid of the riots and here's another.  Article written up after most of the mayhem can be found here.  Here's a video of the stream of the riot I was watching last night.

All Canadians will now be depressed until the start of the new NHL season.  Hahaha.

Here are some pics too... many of the more clear and awesome ones at the end are from the Globe and Mail website here: