25% off poker lessons!

I have decided to re-open my coaching services.

Now is the perfect time to improve your game at a huge discount, as I'm offering poker lessons for 25% off!!! Improve your game significantly so when online poker sorts itself out you can annihilate your opponents!

I have decided that I will offer my services at 25% off of what my hourly coaching rate was when I last coached in 2010, which was $250 per hour. It will now be $187.50 per hour. I think this is a great value and you have the added bonus of knowing that I'm a considerably improved poker player since the last time I was coaching students.

My coaching lessons are two hours in length and I feel like a minimum of 5 lessons (10 hours) is ideal for being able to fully convey my knowledge to you and have a significant impact on improving your game. If you choose to purchase a 5 lesson package, I will give you even a further discount of 20% off of the already reduced hourly fee of $187.50 on the entire lesson package. That's only $150 per hour for quality poker lessons! That's a total of 40% off my normal coaching rate!!!

My specialties are NLHE 6 Max cash games and mass tabling. I can help boost your # of tables played by at least a table or two by helping you understand how to use a few secret things that I've discovered in my VPP quest this year... I have slightly over 930k VPPs so far in 2011.

If you would like to contact me about getting lessons feel free to private message me on Cardrunners.com or email me at "Duckslayer2k@gmail.com" and I'd be glad to respond.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Massive Sunday Million

I played the huge PokerStars 10th anniversary Sunday million this past Sunday and actually did decent.  I won a few flips even!  It was probably the biggest tournament that I've ever played in as the prize pool was 12 million in total.  First prize was 2 mil... and there were 62k people in the tournament.  I ended up busting in 762nd place so it wasn't a total waste of my time but obviously I would have liked to win one more flip.

Hope everyone is doing well and sorry for the lack of updates.  I'll try to do a better job of updating and I'm going to try to finally get around to posting some pics from the past few months that I've been putting off.

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